Training testimonials

Virgina Mudie

General Manager, New Zealand Air Pilots Association

As a result of my experience in this course, I have managed to secure a challenging and exciting job overseas and intend to continue my exploration of NLP and Process Oriented Coaching in my role as a senior manager

Ali Khalil

Solo Female Traveller

I am a solo female traveler who prefers to spend time in countries where a lot of people don’t go and certainly where lone western women are regarded as a curiosity, sometimes with suspicion, and sometimes as a target.  I didn’t want or need to dwell on a spot of bother I had recently found myself in. Instead, I needed to understand how I got there, learn skills to avoid them in the future, and then be able to move forward

Ian coached me in some different interpersonal skills that let me to consider relationships more objectively. With the help of Ian and one of his colleagues, I came away with an entirely new suite of physical and interpersonal skills to help keep me safe mentally, avoid conflict situations, and get myself out of at least some physical situations should they arise. These skills are freeing me up to do what I want to do

Several times since Ian’s coaching I have been in situations where his training has been indispensable – especially my new skills in situational awareness, that is, understanding what’s happening around me

In one instance I was heading back to my accommodation through some walled empty alleys in a small Southern Iranian town. Prior to being coached, I wouldn’t have been as aware as early that I was being followed by a small group of women and that as I rounded a curve in the alley I was suddenly heading toward two more women sitting on the ground – it all just felt wrong in this part of the world.  When the seated pair stood up, and the group behind were trying to get my attention I was already prepared and could position myself to face all of the them, move towards them slightly, raising my arms and yelling. My response and being able to respond early really seemed to startle them, and they scurried off yelling abuse at me over their shoulders

In a second incident, I was walking in the early evening in a well-lit area with some bars in the street.  A man who had had a lot to drink walked out of a bar and again using my new skills in situational awareness I could see that he had spotted me.  Before he started walking toward me, I was able to direct myself out of his path, but unfortunately, he kept changing his course to meet mine.  Now, though, I had time to get prepared so when he got close and wouldn’t leave me alone despite the fact that I asked him in his own language,  I was confident to face him, advance a little with my arm raised and just yell.  He was startled and immediately moved away looking very uneasy.  And then there was a flurry of activity with other men in the area overpowering him as he started to smash up things in the street.  I went home and left them to it

I haven’t come away from Ian’s coaching thinking that I’m indestructible. Instead, I have some more confidence in my own abilities, I’m more aware of who, and what is around me, I have more idea of how I may be perceived by others, and if that fails,  I have a number of physical techniques to prevent some unwanted interactions and to get myself out of some others