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We train individuals, teams and organisations how to be resilient, how to develop people skills for productive workplaces, how to lead and manage people and for frontline services and coaches, we train recovery from potentially traumatic experiences. Our training programs are for managers, executives, business and executive coaches and organizational change managers. We specialise in frontline services where the risks are high, and inaction is not an option

The Coaching Space - From Stress to Resilience Program

28 April 2017 - From Stress to Resilience

The inside-out upside-down view of workplace stress and psychological injury: from stress to resilience

1,2 or 3 Day Programs – 7 April, 28 April, 14 June 9.00AM to 5.00PM
This 3-day Neurocoaching course introduces attendees to the inside-out upside-down view of workplace stress and psychological injury. In this model we break apart cause-effect thinking and instead understand that stress and psychological injury is entirely internally created, as a ‘normal’ response (in a statistical sense) to external risk factors in organisations. This approach prevents people becoming helpless victims, and places a responsibility on organisations to create healthy workplaces by reducing risks.
This public program is part of a comprehensive development program to enable people, teams and organisations to move from stress and trauma to resilience and performance
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Participants who undertake FRONTLINE MIND training will experience progressive development in which the embodied thinking processes of the psychologically resilient elite are developed and transferred, so that they can be used when chosen. FRONTLINE MIND training develops reflexive, embodied thinking skills in professionals who have to deal with extreme pressure in the workplace. Individuals and teams who develop a FRONTLINE MIND can learn to perform with clarity. They will learn how to shield themselves effectively against historical and present work and home-related stressors, in order to lead healthy, balanced lives


Executive coaching and training is about enabling others to develop and perform – this involves designing experiences. Our train-the-trainer program teaches the ‘how to’ for coaches, trainers and in-house organisational change managers, offering a long-term learning investment by becoming an independent professional


We offer sail training in collaboration with our associates Sydney by Sail. Contact us for details of tailored sail training programs


Resilient mind

Being resilient is at the heart of performing under pressure and making decisions with clarity. When we have the capacity to absorb or adapt to change, when we can see issues from multiple perspectives, and when we can think strategically – we create great choices for ourselves and others. We help people uncover their innate resilience capabilities and teach effective strategies from the resilient elite. These embodied thinking skills are easy to learn and our clients often remark that they are surprised how easy it is to obtain them

Leading and managing people

Leading teams and organisations requires a compelling vision enabled by self-directed managers and teams. Strategy allows people to know what the priorities are, how they fit in the organisation, and how they can add value to the business and derive meaning from their work. Effective and efficient corporate governance provides a framework for productivity. Our leadership training helps uncover authentic leadership styles. We take tangible outcomes to the next level through designs that avoid gaming, so that Key Performance Indicators are not the focus, but rather the measure


Facilitation is at the heart of effective leadership. We can help your team, department or organisation discover its purpose, identify a strategy and implementation plan to get there, and align culture, behaviours and performance with strategy