Neurocoaching testimonials

Correctional Supervisor (A)

Maximum Security, Prison Complex

I am a Correctional Supervisor with a career spanning almost 11 years working at Tasmania’s Risdon Prison. I am currently a returning to work after a 20-month break away from my substantiate position and have returned after many attempts to resume my working life. I have been told by medical professionals that I have a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at a chronic level. I have worked in the prison service at all levels starting as a probationary officer up to acting in managerial roles, and I have gained experience at just about all points in between. I found myself caught up in one of the most violent periods in Risdon Prisons History doing things I never thought I would do and never want to do again. I held the position of Supervisor of Maximum Security. One of my many roles was that of team leader, of a small rapid response group. These groups are the first responders to emergency incidents no matter what, or how dangerous they are. After a series of violent attacks and riots, MY mind seemed to let me down, I left work after a particularly violent incident seemingly never to return. I spent the latter part of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 unable to venture far from home and in self-imposed exile, these and the few months that followed paid a toll on my family to the point that I remember my wife telling me at one stage that ” if you commit suicide I will kill you”. Walks down the street became tactical nightmares panic; anxiety and fear were never far away. I still hold scars today but battle them daily and on my terms During my search for recovery

I have met a man by the name of Ian Snape. He has introduced me to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This began with a meeting in a coffee shop when I struggled to tell my story without being crippled by my symptoms… just another day. This was followed by a walk through the bush, chatting about what my “thing” anxiety, stress, pain, anger looked like. A series of meetings with Ian followed, Ian introduced me to new code NLP and helped me to understand why my body and mind worked to keep me safe and how to ensure that I can create states and choose my life pathway, without symptoms taking my life away. With Ian’s’ coaching and challenging chats, emails and phone calls I have learned how to cope and develop strategies that have moved me forward to a place where I can consider; where I am, where I have been and how I am going to move forward to use all of these experiences I have gained to have a beneficial, sustainable and happy future As Christmas fast approaches and 2013 draws to a close, I have successfully returned to full-time work in the prison service. I have had many meetings with the employee workers compensation people who say that it is unbelievable that I have returned and that I had been “written off” by my employer. My focus is now somewhat different than before. I now look for opportunity instead of adversity and constantly ask myself three questions What are the benefits? Is it sustainable? What does it mean for me?


New Zealand

I attained huge personal insights during Ian’s coaching sessions and was impressed by his genuine enthusiasm to teach, and to assist me to explore my own self-imposed boundaries and independently discover inspiring alternative pathways for my chosen outcomes

Correctional Supervisor (B)

Maximum Security, Prison Complex

I was lucky enough to be referred to Ian Snape by the Justice Department, in response to my suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) and burn out. Ian is not a psychologist, and his methods are not at all associated with psychology, but I found his coaching to complement the psychological treatment I was receiving. Through the coaching sessions with Ian, I learned how to understand and interact with my subconscious more easily and how to learn lessons from a “dialogue” with my inner self.  This “dialogue” may sound strange to the un-initiated, but it is simply a technique to enable a person to listen to the signals that their body is giving and to take greater advantage of their own life experience and knowledge. I found the increased awareness that I received through Ian’s coaching to be life altering in that it allowed me to re-embrace life and work in a healthy, vibrant and rewarding manner and because it is self-sustainable

Ian also coached me in various ways to improve my ability to interact with other dynamic and not always empathetic individuals, so that I could perform at a high level through meetings with my superiors, or when involved in a critical or life-threatening incident through the course of my duties. I also learned how to operate in a more emotionally detached manner at work, while at the same time Ian showed me how to develop greater empathy and understanding of the needs and drives of others that I interact with. Hence, the skills that Ian so easily imparted to me – in a pleasant, friendly and relaxed manner – have literally enabled me to return to my full pre-injury duties with ease.  I am comfortable and happy at work once again, and I thank Ian for his efforts and ability to help me so effectively

Administrative Assistant

Public service

I initially went to Ian to help me resolve a difficult workplace situation. Not only did he help me resolve that but Ian introduced me to processes that have helped me make lasting decisions, helped me achieve high performance states at will, helped me learn from the past and let go stuff that wasn’t even mine and a host of other processes that have completely changed my life. I finished a dozen sessions with Ian and came away much more robust, armed with unshakable confidence that I can now handle those difficult office personnel and almost enjoy confrontational situations. I learned some very illuminating things about myself which have broadened my repertoire of ways to be. What Ian teaches is relevant in all aspects of one’s life and can be used by anyone. My sessions with Ian were extraordinary in their capacity to empower and, as Ian often says, what is the point of being ordinary

Paddy And Anne


Ian has been an enormous help to our son who is a second-year uni student. He was having great difficulty trying to stay focused on his studies and as a result was starting to fail subjects, putting extra pressure on him and of course us as worried parents. Ian was recommended to us as a life skills coach by a good friend and the results within a few sessions were amazing. Our son told us his relaxed and easy going friendly approach helped him realise the full potential in all areas of his life and gave him the confidence and courage to want to achieve his career goals. We have seen an incredible turn around in our son’s studies and a very positive outlook on his future

Life coaching, acceptance, and listening seem to be second nature to Ian, and we can strongly recommend him if you are looking for a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey