Our neurocoaching services

We work at the interface between innovation, industry, and policy helping organisations develop strategy and align and develop the capability. We coach company directors, senior executives, managers, teams and individuals for high performance in research, business, government, sports, and neurotrauma recovery

Custom business and executive courses
What is Neurocoaching?

Business and executive

We work with company directors, senior executives, managers and teams to develop high performance. We use process-oriented coaching that allows our clients to explore highly personal or commercially or politically sensitive issues in a way that does not require us to hear the content. We will guide you through creativity exercises, decision-making processes, and new ways to gather information and interpret the complex world around you. We will show you how to engage your intuition and have more choices about the decisions you take, and how to manage your emotions for high performance in difficult or high-risk situations

Athletes and performance

Coaching athletes to high performance requires more than just technical competence. At the elite level, in particular, the distinction that makes the difference is the maintenance of high-performance state – or being in the zone. And that requires the full co-operation of the unconscious. We coach athletes how to develop their own high-performance state, and we train sports coaches how to get the best out of their athletes and teams

We provide fast, effective tools to quickly adopt new behaviors in a way that is personalised and sustainable for each individual player. We show athletes and coaches how they can choose or even design their emotions for particular high-pressure situations. And we show you how you can model the expert performance of others to take the best of what they do and, through advanced pattern recognition techniques, know when they are going to do something sometimes before they do

Adventure transformation

We offer a unique opportunity to adventure in the wildest parts of the world with fully qualified mountain guides, sailors, and seasoned adventure professionals whilst enabling you to discover your new potential. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the mountains of the Himalayas or the French Alps to the seas offshore Tasmania, what better way to experience deep personal transformation – contact us to discover your capability

Wellness and trauma

We work with clients who have experienced trauma or have mental health problems. To be clear about what we do and do not do – our coaches do not undertake diagnoses, nor provide treatment. Instead, we are outcome-focused on a quality of life and choice of state. We can help you quickly change the way that you respond to memories (pictures, sounds, feelings, smell or taste) in a way that does not require you to discuss your past event with us, or re-experience trauma again

We do not do exposure therapy – in fact; we do the opposite. We show you how to break synaesthesia (such as recall image/ feel pain), restore past events back to their rightful place in history, and train you how to choose your future and move on with your life. We acknowledge that prolonged PTSD, hypervigilance, anxiety, depression or other similar states may have had a cognitive impact over time

We will help you retrain your memory, increase your attention, improve your sleep, quell the nightmares, develop neural flexibility and become more resilient. The same neuroplastic adaptation that led to decreased cognitive performance will also allow you to regain those neurological skills with deliberate well-targeted training

We insist that a proactive GP and a psychologist support such deep personal change work. We can recommend competent medical professionals who will support you if you do not already have your own support team

Health and life coaching

We work with content-free processes to awaken and engage the healer within. We will show you how to tune into your own body and unconscious, and engage your whole body in developing and maintaining wellness. We can guide you through emergent discovery processes that allow you to uncover what really motivates you, and how you might meet those motivations. We will show you how you can make decisions that help you achieve your outcomes sustainability

Children and youth development

We help children and young adults develop confidence, learn how to learn, develop memory strategies, discover social skills and become aware of risk and how to manage bullying