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Our XNLP Hobart program offers a fun and informative community-based learning experience. Social, not-for-profit, we aim to facilitate a coaching community of practice. Come along to develop your coaching skills, or simply enjoy being coached and discover more about yourself

Our Experience NLP events

Our XNLP Hobart program offers a fun and informative community-based learning experience. Social, not-for-profit, we aim to facilitate a coaching community of practice. Come along to develop your coaching skills, or simply enjoy being coached and discover more about yourself. We offer an environment to learn, share experience, and develop a network of friends and colleagues. It is open to NLP trainers, practitioners, consultants or people new to NLP with an interest in personal development

How to attend an event

If you’re considering an Experience NLP event, simply select a scheduled event in the sidebar and click the booking link to reserve a place for that event, too easy. All our XNLP events are only $20 and are held at our new, custom built training facilities at Fern Tree, 20 min from Hobart

Session times: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The Coaching Space – Venue map
14 Bracken Lane
Fern Tree
Tasmania 7054

Fantastic fantastic fantastic thats all i can say. This experience has changed my life and the local wine and cheese was a great touch

Sally Jenkins

Stay at home mum

Next NLP event

Feb 7 - Tuesday evening - Healthy start - $20

Would you like to be just the right weight? Or stop smoking? Kick addictions, manage chronic pain or develop an exercise program and the motivation to keep at it?

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Feb 21 - Tuesday evening - FREE by invitation

Coaches only development evening in preparation for Lifestyle-by-design

Feb 25 - Saturday all day - Fundraiser for Jasmin Latona

Lifestyle-by-design fundraiser for Jasmin Latona’s cancer treatment. Lead the life you want. Need a hand getting started with change? Or stopping doing things you would rather not be doing, but for some reason you just find yourself trapped? This intensive 1-day event will be led by Ian and Greg, and will offer intensive coaching with a team of coaches to help you unlock you potential and lead your life by design

Please donate any amount at Jasmin’s “gofundme page and come to our amazing fundraiser coaching day. Please reserve a ticket here

Feb 28 - Tuesday evening - Beyond problems - $20

Do you or people you know seem to think or talk a lot about problems? This could be an indication of where our attention is, and might lead to the need to ‘problem solve’. In this session, we will explore the problem with problems, and the strategies and language that can redirect our attention to well defined outcomes – and to go beyond problems

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March 21 - Tuesday evening - How metaphor Influences Our Everyday Lives - an evening with James Lawley and Penny Tompkins - $20

You may not realize it, but all of us not only speak in metaphor, we think in metaphor, we reason in metaphor and how they influence our decisions. Find out how we are secretly being influenced by other’s metaphors and, surprisingly, by our own – all the time! How do you know when you’re being influenced by a metaphor? We’re going to share a secret on how you’re being influenced without knowing; not just by advertising, but by politicians, newscasters, journalists, financial analysts, managers, sales people and our family and friends.  Join us and increase your awareness so you have more choice whether to be influenced in this way. Join us for an evening with James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, co-developers of Symbolic Modelling and leading authorities on the use of self-originated metaphor for personal and professional development

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April 4 - Tuesday evening - Bullying (part i): the language and non-verbal patterns - $20

Spot the language and non-verbal signs and symptoms of bullying. In this session we will define bullying and explore the boundaries of where is the line for a variety of contexts

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May 2 - Tuesday evening - RelatING Skills - $20

Do you hear people talk about their ‘relationship’ like it’s a noun (a thing), rather than a dynamic action (verb). In this session Greg will put the ‘ing’ back into communicating as part of relating

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June 6 - Tuesday evening - Bullying Part ii: Defence against the dark arts with Professor Snape - $20

Dealing with bullying takes a determined approach and there are a range of effective strategies, from simple verbal and non-verbal interventions, through to highly assertive actions

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July 4 - Tuesday evening - Memory - $20

People often describe themselves as having a terrible memory, like it’s something you either have or you don’t. In this session, we will explore the process of ‘remembering’ and show you how memory states and strategies can be used to remember anything you choose

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August 8 - Tuesday evening - Coaching practice - $20

Open frame coaching practice. Come along and coach or be coached in a safe supervised environment

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September 5 - Tuesday evening - The art of framing - $20

How we frame and reframe conversations is at the heart of great presenting skills and effective coaching. Learn how to set frames, identify boundaries and reframe in transformative conversation

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Oct 3 - Tuesday evening - Applications and job interviews - $20

Applying for jobs and being interviewed is a daunting task for many. In this session, we will look at ways of framing applications, and processes that enable high performance interviews

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Nov 7 - Tuesday evening - ‘Difficult conversations’ at home and work' - $20

We often come across training courses called ‘difficult conversations’… like having the skills to create difficult conversations is desirable…lets have some fun! Lets do just that…In this session we will learn how to make conversations difficult for us and others at home and at work… and then we will reverse engineer the process to offer choice

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