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Martin Riddle

Program leader – Australian Antarctic Division

Scientific influence – Prof Snape excels in both research and communication of science for policy outcomes, and he is an inspiring leader in his field. His influence spreads far beyond his own research team and national program – not only to the Antarctic international community but to all cold regions where human impact has left its legacy. Prof Snape has introduced to the Antarctic an entire field of applied environmental science directed towards the management and remediation of contaminated land.

Leadership – Ian Snape has a very acute sense of what is needed to make a real difference on environmental issues. Although he is a very accomplished scientist, he is well aware that science alone does not solve real-world problems. He has demonstrated by example that to resolve complex environmental problems requires coordinated effort on many fronts led by someone with a very clear vision of what needs to be achieved and how it should be done.

It is clear that Ian has a natural ability to think strategically and as a leader, but what sets him apart as a potentially great leader is that he is not satisfied to rely on his innate abilities alone. He has set out on a very deliberate path of personal development to provide himself with the skill-set required of a future leader in science and policy at the very highest level. With a scholarly attention to detail, he has studied modern practices of communication, project management, strategic planning and team development to extract a suite of approaches that can be used to further the nexus between science and policy. He is an accomplished and accredited coach and often takes on the role of coach-the-coach role in leadership and relationship awareness training.

Mentoring & coaching – Ian currently manages a capability development program for the Australian Science program that strategically invests in the development of individuals, teams, and programs to effectively deliver the Australian Antarctic science strategic plan. The program has a strong emphasis on continual learning, personal leadership, developing individual and team flexibility, project management, and mentoring others. Ian has been coaching for many years, is an accredited coach, and now takes a coach-the-coach role in the Australian Antarctic Program

Glen Bourke

Director Auctoritas Group

Ian has been working with our team of Directors for some time. He has been able to bind our company together into a succinct team that is able to work in harmony and utilise our strengths and weaknesses for a cohesive benefit. Ian’s unique ability to challenge individuals and teams has had a significant benefit for us in terms of goal realisation and future growth.  I am pleased to have Ian on board as part of our personal development process

John Gunn

CEO, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Ian is committed to improvement through building individual and team capability and has built an impressive toolbox for use in developing capability and solving problems

Alf Dellorso

National Taekwondo coach and Victoria State Sporting Director

Ian has been working directly with our elite athletes for the past twelve months in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. Throughout that time i have found him to been a most supportive, diligent and extremely professional individual. Since the introduction of his program, I have seen huge behavioral changes in my athletes to the betterment of their overall competition performance. In fact, many now have mechanisms that allow them to cope with the stresses of high-level competition. It is my hope that he continues to work and nurture them, as he has in the past. On many occasions, he has gone beyond the call of duty to provide constant support by phone or attending competitions. In short, he has been a wonderful contribution to our program

Carmen Marton

Taekwondo Olympian and 2013 World Champion

Ian helped me to refine my mental strengths and has provided me with tools to assist attaining peak performance state

Darius Irvine

Owner, Irvin & Associates Coaching Services

I have had the pleasure and benefit of training with Ian on a number of occasions in New Code NLP and Symbolic Modelling. Ian is generous with his unique combination of skills; intellectual rigour from his training in science, a deep appreciation of the distinction between content and process from NLP, a creative command of the use metaphor from Symbolic Modelling, and a strong personal discipline and team-mindedness from martial arts and working in the Antarctic. These, combined with a working understanding of the principles of good governance and a sense of humour mean Ian is able to quickly and creatively develop context-specific, goal-oriented processes that meet outcomes at the macro and detail levels. I recommend Ian to any professional organisation seeking excellence in his chosen fields. He has also become a trusted friend

Michael Brook

NLP Trainer – Master Hypnotist

Following a path towards greater understanding leads, eventually, to the emergence of the undiscovered and the evolution of genius. Having been on the path of discovery in NLP and hypnosis and human emergence for 10 years now, Ian Snape to me represents THE singular evolving genius in this field. His method of rigorous deconstruction of previous techniques and the incorporation of the best of the emerging area of neuroscience will, I  believe, produce the next substantial evolution in the field of human development technology. He has my highest possible recommendation for coaching or training

Gary Kuehn

International Mountain Guide and Training Assessor

Ian’s mental coaching and modelling can add a critical component to enhanced decision making and personal physical performance in climbing, skiing, snow safety and, in general, challenges in harsh environments