We are Australia's leading neurocoaching service

We are Australia's leading neurocoaching service

A fusion of neuroscience, neurolinguistics and positive psychology

Enable your leadership

Reach your peak

Unlock your potential

Develop your resilience

Empower your thinking

Experience neurocoaching at The Coaching Space

Experience neurocoaching

We enable individuals to unconsciously adopt change so that new effective processes simply become part of life. We enable individuals, teams and organisations to be resilient and to perform under pressure. We offer neurocoaching and training Australia wide and hold regular Experience NLP evenings in Hobart

Modelling and research at The Coaching Space

Modelling and research

We coach people how to discover and utilise models of human excellence – from everyday mums, dads and kids, through to Olympians, CEOs and frontline services professionals. We support research into human performance and deploy cutting edge methods to track the outcomes from our work

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We enable organisations, teams and individuals to be self-sustaining. After discovery and generative learning, we then make the process explicit so that our clients own the outcome and the underlying process that led to the outcome

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We offer public and corporate training programs that vary from one day resilience programs, through to comprehensive train-the-trainer programs for taking aspirant coaches and corporate trainers to a level where they can train our material to others as fully independent professionals

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Our XNLP Hobart program offers a fun, creative and informative community based learning experience, in a safe and creative environment. These sessions are not for profit and open to everyone

Ian Snape is committed to improvement through building individual and team capability

John Gunn

CEO, Australian Institute of Marine Science

The Coaching Space helped me to refine my mental strengths and has provided me with tools to assist attaining peak performance state

Carmen Marton

Taekwondo olympian and 2013 world champion

Ian Snape from The Coaching Space has a natural talent for NLP and is able to draw on his many experiences in high risk extreme sports as well as his demonstrated competences and personal excellence in leadership, business and science

John Grinder

NLP new code - co-creator

Ian has been working with our team of Directors for some time. He has been able to bind our company together into a succinct team that is able to work in harmony and utilise our strengths and weaknesses for a cohesive benefit. Ian’s unique ability to challenge individuals and teams has had a significant benefit for us in terms of goal realisation and future growth.  I am pleased to have Ian on board as part of our personal development process

Glen Bourke

Director, Auctoritas Group

Following a path towards greater understanding leads, eventually, to the emergence of the undiscovered and the evolution of genius

Michael Brook

NLP Trainer and Master Hypnotist

I was lucky enough to be referred to Ian Snape by the Justice Department, in response to my suffering post traumatic stress syndrome

Correctional supervisor

Maximum security prison